The 400 Blows 1

For the 2019-2020 school year I will serve as a post-doctoral teaching fellow at Stonehill College. In the Fall, I will be teaching three sections of a freshman philosophy seminar titled “The Examined Life.” The topic for the seminar is happiness, and will include readings from Epictetus, Jonathan Haidt, Valerie Tiberius, the Bhagavad Gita, the Daodejing, and others, along with a film from Yasujirō Ozu (see: Syllabus)

I have also taught courses on

  • Ancient Greek Philosophy & Political Thought (Northeastern University)
  • Moral Psychology (Boston University)
  • Disability & Genetic Enhancement (Boston University)
  • Reasoning and Argumentation (Boston University, Georgia State University).

Whether the course I am teaching is on contemporary subjects, or is more historically-based, I aim to promote the ideals of clear writing, respect for one’s interlocutors, and epistemic humility. An additional concern of mine is that students feel included in the process of doing philosophy. I ensure that women and minorities are well-represented on my syllabi and I stress the Cartesian lesson that everyone is equipped to engage in philosophical inquiry, and that attentiveness and persistence are the only relevant factors separating a novice from a specialist in these matters. 

Interested in more about my teaching? See my Teaching Statement