Most of my teaching centers on topics in ethics and the history of philosophy. I am passionate about introducing students to philosophy through sources and traditions that are underrepresented in the discipline. In Fall 2022, I am offering two sections of Ancient Greek and Political Thought and one of Modern Philosophy. I typically offer one section of Environmental Ethics a year. Learn more about my approach to teaching philosophy and my commitment to diversity and inclusion as an educator. I am piloting a course on Indigenous Philosophy to be on the books for the 2022-2023 academic year.


Here are a few pieces of feedback that I have received from my students:

“Professor Lustila leaves the ego and pompous intellect at the door and lectures in a clear, concise, and efficient manner, which are characteristics that aren’t always present in professors. He consistently finds ways to make Ancient Greek philosophy digestible, relatable, and even humorous. Lustila never left the class in the dark about assignments or readings and was very diligent in making these materials known to us well ahead of time. He answers every question with grace and care and is sure to never leave anyone confused with the material at hand. Beyond the classroom, he is extremely well-rounded in many schools of philosophy, and has recommended to me works pertaining to subject matters not included in the course. He has taken the time to discuss these works with me as well. Lustila is one of the most personable and caring professors I’ve ever had here, and I don’t have enough good things to say about him.”

(Anonymous, Northeastern University)

“I feel very comfortable to share my ideas in class because of his demeanor. He seems very open and helps develop everyone’s ideas. He seems to really care about the work he is doing. He is always available outside of class. He is also funny (or tries to be) which gives the class a lighter mood. He’s also incredibly understanding.”

(Anonymous, Stonehill College)

“Although Professor Lustila had never taught a class at Northeastern before, he was easily one of my best professors during my three years at the university. He is extremely engaging and an incredibly eloquent speaker. His insights into the text are thoughtful and his presentation of the material is enthralling. Professor Lustila is the perfect example of what it is to have an innate understanding of how knowledge should be transferred from teacher to student.”

(Anonymous, Northeastern University)

“I feel that the instructor was very understanding of student’s limitations and lives as students. Was also very willing to explain anything again or in a different way if it was not understood and was able and willing to answer questions. The instructor was very understanding and did a great job of making the material accessible, but at the same time without making it too simple or easy. Rather, the teacher worked to help students understand on their own.”

(Anonymous, Stonehill College)

“This professor is one of the best I’ve had at Northeastern when it comes to his teaching skills. He was really good at getting people in the class involved and wanting to speak up but was also really patient and accepting of when people weren’t the type to talk in class a lot. When you did answer a question, he responded in a really affirming way, even if you weren’t exactly right, which motivated you to want to keep raising your hand and being involved. A lot of professors at this school, although they know the material well, aren’t really good at getting the class involved and passionate about it. It was exciting being in a class where I felt my opinions were really being valued and considered. I’m not even a philosophy major or minor, but I was always very excited to be in this class and intrigued by the material.”

(Anonymous, Northeastern University)

“The course will make you think about your day to day actions and thoughts. The material taught is applicable to all aspects of your life -You will 100% become a better writer. You will learn how to make your own claims and really insert your own thoughts into the papers. Professor Getty is there to help you every step of the way. He is very personable and funny and tries to form a relationship with you that many other professors fail to do.”

(Anonymous, Boston University)