Current Projects


I am at work on a number of papers, some of which are under review. I have included abstracts of these papers below so you can get an idea of where my research is headed. Feel free to email me if you’re interested in talking more! 

  • How Are We To Love Others? – On Damaris Masham’s views on love and moral education.
  • Can We Love Ourselves? (w/ Joel Van Fossen) – On the nature of self-love, its limits, and its importance for practical reason.
  • Nothing to Lose: Sophie de Grouchy on Property and Justice – On the limits of our accountability with regard to the laws and norms of the community. 
  • The Subtle Skepticism of Hume’s Essays on Happiness – On how to read Hume’s ‘Essays on Happiness’, and the relevance of literature to philosophical thinking.
  • Making Room for Indigenous Environmental Justice – On how to provide an account of Indigenous environmental justice that is inclusive is of other traditionally marginalized populations.