Greetings! I am a visiting lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Northeastern UniversityMy primary research interests are early modern philosophy and the ethics. I have a passion for writing on underrepresented and non-canonical figures in the early modern period.

When I’m not lost in the 17th and 18th centuries, I am reading widely in contemporary ethics. I have recently waded into debates about love and the self-directed emotions. My current project is a series of articles on figures in the British Moralist tradition — this work will culminate in a book on debates about the scope and limits of reasonable partiality in 18th century moral philosophy. 

For more on my work as a teacher and researcher, check out my CV, along with  Research and Teaching.

Outside of philosophy, I spend my time baking, watching movies, and attending concerts. For more on what I’m watching or listening to, click Here.